Social Skills Groups for Children Ages 2-7

A Speech and Language Evaluation includes a parent interview, analysis of the child's developmental history, clinical observations and administration of standardized tests if appropriate. This Evaluation provides baseline data and outlines a child's specific areas of concern, which are then used to develop an appropriate plan for intervention. 

To say that Jessica loves what she does is an understatement.  The enjoyment for ensuring each child reaches their fullest potential shines through while working with her.  She works closely with other professionals and parents in order to ensure meaningful progress for each child.   She has designed workshops for parents and professionals interested in learning more about their toddler and preschoolers speech and language development. 



Groups are formed based upon ages and students' individual goals and needs.  Our groups meet weekly throughout the calendar school year with themes that build upon skills learned and practiced.  Following each group, an e-mail summary of the targets and activities, as well as carry over language and activities are provided.  Throughout the school year, we are in constant contact with parents and caregivers in order to allow for relevant topics to be included and targets for each child to be tailored. 

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