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Speech and Language Milestones

1- 1½ years

Uses sentence-like intonations (jargon)
Accurately imitates some words
Follows simple one-step commands
Points to recognized objects and wanted objects
Uses three to 20 words
50% of all utterances are nouns
Begins to comment, answer simple wh-questions and acknowledges speech of others

1 ½- 2 years

Words increasing in frequency; jargon almost gone
Improvement in intelligibility-now 65% intelligible
Comprehends approximately 300 words
Responds to yes/no questions
Uses approximately 50 recognizable words
Begins using words to command, express problems and possession and ask “what’s this?”

2-3 years

Approximately 70% intelligible
May omit final consonant, reduce consonant blends
Comprehends approximately 500 words
Carries out a series of two related commands
Answers where and what doing questions
Uses 200 intelligible words
Appropriate use of at least two pronouns
Engages in short dialogues
Begins using language in imaginative ways, provides details to encourage comprehension and pre narrative development begins with sequences

3-3 ½ years

Uses final consonants 
Comprehends 1,200 words, including prepositions and attributes
Responds to commands involving two actions or objects
Uses at least 800 words
Engages in longer dialogues and uses more fillers to acknowledge partner’s message

3 ½- 4 years

Becoming very intelligible
Comprehends 1,500-2,000 words
Responds to commands involving three actions
Uses 1,000 to 1,500 words
Tells two to three events in order of sequence, can tell a story and have long, detailed conversations
Uses pronouns he, she, I, you, me and mine consistently
Begins using language for fantasies and jokes. Makes conversational repairs when listener has not understood

4-4 ½ years

Very intelligible in connected speech
Defines words in terms of use
“If” and “so” appear in sentences
Uses our, they and their consistently
Narrative development characterized by unfocused chains- stories have no central character, but have sequence of events

4 ½ -5 years

Most errors present in difficult blends
Comprehends 2,500-2,800 words
Uses 1,500 to 2,000 words
Answers when, how often, how long questions
Asks the meaning of words and tells a story accurately

5-6 years

Comprehends 13,000 words
Can answer what happens if… questions
All pronouns used consistently
Narrative development characterized by focused chains; stories have central character with logical sequence of events, but ending is unclear.

6-7 years

Consistent use of most morphological markers
True narratives- well developed plot and character sequenced event